Insuring your touring caravan

Posted: 16th November 2012 by admin in Caravan Insurance, Insurance
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A caravan provides you with a unique way of life – allowing you to leave the stress of the city anytime you want and explore any part of the county you desire. If you own a caravan then it is essential that you properly protect it with an insurance policy. Some people make the assumption that having a caravan covered under their car insurance is enough but this is usually not the case. To have a comprehensive level of coverage it’s necessary to get a dedicated policy that will cover you for every possible risk. Often it’s assumed that caravans are not at a very high level of risk of theft but this is not the case as this recent news story shows –

Types of Cover

There are two main types of caravan insurance that you can get. The first and most popular is known as touring caravan insurance. This is suitable for all types of caravans and as the name suggests it will cover your caravan whilst it is being moved or is attached to your car. The second type is static caravan insurance and this is for caravans that are kept on-site and not moved regularly. This is similar to home insurance and will provide you with a lot of the same benefits although often the amount of content cover you get as standard will be fairly low.

Depending on how you use your caravan it may be necessary for you to get both kinds of cover. Once you have decided on what type of cover you want, you will then go about getting quotes from different insurance companies. This is very easy to do now thanks to the internet.  A simple search for ‘caravan insurance’ will give you a long list of companies to choose from ( is a good place to start). The trick is to find a provider that has an excellent reputation that is known to pay out.

Questions to Ask Your Provider

In finding the right provider it can help greatly to have a list of questions to ask. Some good ones include –

1)      What isn’t covered? This is a very important question as sometimes the thing that isn’t covered is what you are most worried about and will need to be added as an extra option to the policy.

2)      What does the most comprehensive plan cover? If you are able to afford it, then the most comprehensive plan possible is always preferable. With many companies this will cover things such as windscreen cracks, theft of keys, flood damage, fire damage etc.

3)      How Do I File a Claim? The procedure for filing a claim is usually very straight forward. You simply get in touch via phone or online. It doesn’t hurt to ask for some details though as it’s one less thing to worry about should you need to make a claim.