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If know about condo and renters insurance (or landlord insurance) than it’s pretty easy to say what it is they have in common.both are property insurance policies. But there’s another common thread that strings together renters, condo and cancer insurance and it’s called, price. These three policies can be so cost effective that they are […]

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Are you tired of paying your rent? It seems like it is a process that never ends and you have nothing to show for it. Housing is the largest expense we have every month. It is time for you to begin the process of buying your first house. As you take other steps to bring […]

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For the previous three years or so I’ve been planning a journey that’ll not take place until late 2011. I ‘ve had such a wonderful time consulting maps, timetables (how I love schedules) Internet sites and books. Now I believe I know the route I ‘ll take. Where am I going? Well, I love Australia. […]

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So you have decided that the 9-5 is worth letting go of and cashing it in for a huge, healthy dose of American Freedom. It’s easier than you might believe. You’ve heard about traveling in a motorhome and living it up but understand nothing about it? It seems great, but is it really that simple […]