DC Comics Most Popular Characters

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It is safe to assume that DC Comics has gone down as the greatest comic book company in America. It made history in 1938 with action comics featuring some of the most popular super heroes that would go on to radio, television, cartoons and even the big screen Here are some of DC Comics most popular characters.

Aquaman, who was known for many years as being just an urban legend, until he was captured by Lex Luther. He had the ability to call out to all the seas creatures to help attack any surface dwellers. He also was much stronger and tougher than any ordinary human and was able to breathe while under water as well as being in the air. He had skin that was very difficult to pierce. Aquaman had the power to telepathically communicate with all creatures in the sea and he also wielded the Trident of Poseidon, which gave him some great magical power.

There was another super hero who was known as the fastest man alive. His name was Wally West, better known as Flash. Besides his amazing speed he also had other qualities like his down to earth approachability and he also had some human nature that was known to be his best as a member of the Justice League of America.

Hawkman made his appearance as one of the new super heroes in 1940. Hawk man was known as Cater Hall, he was an archaeologist who was known to be the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince. Like many of the other characters, after world war two, this character vanished. But during the Silver age of comic books a new version was introduced. Now hawkman and also hawkgirl were working as police from a planet called Thanagar. He remained on earth to help police fight against crime and also played a big role in the justice leagues of America fighting the villains.

DC put out another super hero who was known as the Green Lantern. This character possessed a power ring which gave him some great control over the entire physical world. The ring he wore was one the most powerful weapon that was used in the universe. Later the Green Lantern also much like several other super heroes, became part of the justice league of America.

Batman became known as a very popular super hero in May of 1939. Since then this character went on to appear in many DC comic books. He was also known as the caped crusader, the dark knight and also the greatest detective in the world. A millionaire names Bruce Wayne was a playboy, philanthropist and industrialist. After he witnessed the murder of his parents when he was a young boy he swore to always get revenge on crime.

One of the most well known super heroes is Superman. He was at one time considered to be Americas cultural icon. This super hero was created in 1932 and the rights to superman were later sold to DC in 1938. Superman gained such great success that the character went on to appear on many radio stations, TV programs newspaper strips and also on the big screen too. Along with the characters success it also helped to create the super hero genre and would establish its power and primacy in the American comic books.

These six super heroes are just a small fraction of many super hero characters that were printed up in comic books and many of them, such as superman or batman, would go on to bigger and better things as they entered in to television and video games and of course motion pictures too.