Cafe Insurance – Not all Policies are the same…

Posted: 2nd November 2012 by admin in Insurance
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Owning and running a cafe can be a very satisfying way to make a living. However, as with any businesses you need to do things in the right way to ensure the best possible chance of success. One of the major things you need to take care of if you own a cafe is to have it properly insured. A cafe is a unique environment and therefore brings unique risks which you must be covered for. To make the best decision regarding cafe insurance it’s important to be aware of the different types of risks that are posed to you and your business.

Depending on the size of your cafe, it may be owned and operated solely by you or you may have a number of staff working for you. If you have employees then your insurance policy will be a lot different as employees bring a lot more potential risks that must be covered. A cafe can be a hazardous environment to work in and accidents are not uncommon. As the proprietor you are responsible for any unforeseen events such as slips, burns, illnesses etc. Of course having to insure against these things will increase the cost of your policy significantly but it is a necessity if you have employees.

Since a cafe serves the public, you must also have cover for any potential accidents that might occur whilst customers are on your premises. This includes things such as theft, physical harm or any other type of incident where a member of the public could make a claim against you. The good news is that this type of cover is usually included as standard in most cafe insurance policies. Also included in most policies is protection for business-related risks such as loss of equipment in transit, equipment failure and damage to your building, both internally and externally.

Whilst it may seem that most things are covered extensively in a cafe insurance policy, there are a lot of variables to take into account. For example the amount of public liability insurance you have needs to be carefully considered. If you are a small, independently operated cafe then you are probably less liable to having extortionate claims made against you by members of the public. However if you operate a chain of high end cafes then you will always be vulnerable to claims being made against your businesses. Public liability insurance is what can make a cafe insurance policy very expensive so you must give it careful consideration.

For something as unique and potentially hazardous as getting cafe insurance it is a very good idea to enlist the help of an expert such as an insurance broker. An insurance broker will be able to provide you with expert advice and offer help when it comes to getting quotes and dealing with insurance companies.

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