(Fake) Deadpool movie trailer

Posted: 15th May 2011 by admin in Marvel Comics
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A longtime request. It occurred to me the fake trailers for Deadpool are usually very dour, which is odd for the one Marvel (anti) hero most notable for his humor, the ‘Merc with a mouth’ as he’s know. I tried to inject a little comedy and feature Ryan Reynold’s in full wise-ass mode. – The song is Hey Little World by The Hives. – Deadpool is a member of Weapon X, the same shadowy mutant team that Wolverine from the X-Men once belonged to. Like Wolvie he’s got a healing factor and is nearly unkillable. Unlike Wolvie he has NO problem with wholesale slaughter and really enjoys his job. – I’d imagine a good Deadpool movie would be part reboot and part self-contained story. Hopefully that nonsense with Deadpool being turned into a super mutant will be ignored (maybe that was his clone) and now, after Wolverine has escaped the program, Deadpool works for the highest bidder…and the exercise. I’d love to see a light story, not textbook but not overly complex either, mostly focused on Deadpool in action and showcasing his bizarre sense of humor. In the comic series he would talk to himself and I think is the only Marvel character who breaks the fourth wall, talking directly to the reader of his comic books.
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