Marvel Comics Most Popular Characters

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Over the years Marvel Comic books have entertained and thrilled so many of their fans. The characters, along with the great story-lines were always interesting to kids and the younger generation. Here is a list of several of the Marvel Comics most popular characters, along with some of the charters profiles.

Iron man made his appearance during the month of March of 1963. The characters name was Anthony Stark, but was known as Tony. He was an engineer who suffered from a heart injury while being kidnapped. His captors forced him to build them a weapon of mass destruction but instead he creates a suit of armor and then escapes and uses the suit that is empowered and helps to protect the world.

The fictional super hero Thor was created and appeared in Marvel Comic books in August of 1962. The father of Thor takes on the responsibility of teaching his son some lessons in humanity and places his son right into the body of disabled medical student named Donald Blake. While in Norway, the medical student witnesses aliens and hides inside a cave. There he discovers the hammer of Thor and after striking it against a rock he then transforms into the God of Thunder. He then goes on to defend humanity against all evil forces.

Jean Grey is a super heroine who appeared in comic books in September of 1963 and was known as the Marvel Girl, and also later Dark Phoenix. She is mostly known as being one of the five members of the X-men. She was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. She was born with mutant abilities and her powers manifested at age ten.

In March of 1941 another super hero emerged in the Marvel Comic books. This hero was Captain America. This was one of Marvels most popular characters during the time of world war two. After the war this character disappeared as the popularity of this character declined until 1953 when he was then reintroduced during the time of the Silver age of comic books. He was then part of a team of super heroes known as the Avengers.

The Hulk is one of many favorite super heroes that fans seemed to like. This character is better known as the incredible hulk and made his first appearance in the month of May 1962. Bruce Banner is the main character who accidentally becomes exposed to a gamma bomb he invented. The bomb goes off and Bruce is then transformed into the Hulk, a green giant humanoid monster. Afterwards it is the strong emotions like terror, anger, and grief that can force him into the Hulk.

One very popular super hero of Marvel Comics is Spider man. The character Peter Parker, after being bitten by a radioactive spider turns into the amazing spider man super hero. Peter Parker begins to learn while he is a young man, that he has this super power and with it comes some responsibility and he goes on to devote his power to becoming one of many great super heroes and spends plenty of his time battling numerous enemies.

Marvel Comics has so many super heroes to claim. These are just six of some of Marvels most popular super hero characters that went on to make the comic book industry very successful over the years.