The History Of Marvel Comics

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Some of the most well known comic book characters have come from Marvel Comics. It is also known to be a huge corporation and is labeled to be Marvel Entertainment. This corporation is known world wide and has such great influence and revenues. The history of Marvel Comics is quite an interesting story as it goes back very far to a time when its popularity became a household name, mostly among the younger people.

The beginning of this comic book originally was founded during the year of 1939 and was named only as Timely Comics. Through Timely Comics came some great and wonderful characters. These characters were known to be super heroes. The many characters went on to become quite successful among many young people and gained a lot of popularity in the United States.

One character that seemed to be created during the time of World War Two was Captain America. This character became a huge hit with Timely Comics. This character, along with a few others, were known to always be heroes of that time and were continuously battling the enemy, which during that era was the Nazis and a few other men of evil too.

Many styles and interest began to change at the end of the war. The characters too would go on to change as once costumed super heroes that gained so much attention and popularity were now declining and it was other characters that were taking their place in history. Also during that time period Timely Comics became known as Atlas Comics.

Atlas changed the theme from the once war time heroes to a variety of other themes such as horror. After some time had passed the war time heroes returned to battle the communist rather then the Nazis. However, the industry of Atlas Comics went under the political scrutiny and was then needed to change once again. The code authority was then formed and went on to be used to serves as the means for regulating the comic books along with their content.

After that period of time the comic book heroes then began to reemerge right back into the comic book scene. The silver age now began to feature some new and exciting artwork and great story lines to the books. All of the older super heroes were now transformed into newer versions of themselves and now were with more emotional and personal backgrounds and stories too.

It was then in the year of 1961 that Marvel Comics emerged and with it came the Fantastic Four. This group of super heroes would go on to become quite popular and stay that way for many years to come.

Over the years comic books would continue to grow in popularity and would create many new characters for all to enjoy. Not long after many of these comic book heroes would make it into the movie industry too. This would help to bring the story book charters to life on the big screen. There are quite a few movies that owe it to Marvel Comics for their success in the movie industry as many of the super heroes that came from the comic books became even more popular through the motion picture industry.

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