Blackest Night 102

Posted: 26th January 2011 by admin in DC Comics
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The Continuation of Blackest Night , it’s Blackest Night 102 . Find out what happened in the DC Universe and more importantly with Sinestro and Green Lantern. Vist me online at
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Dedicated to Paul Levitz, the nicest legend in Comics I ever did meet and to all the DC creators, writers, artists, dreamers who make men super and women do wonders. This is the first of a gallery series I did titled “The Pantheon Etched”. This series gridded out the Greek Gods and Heroes into 4×4 pocket etch a sketches = 16 total arch-type etch drawings per myth. This grid was then applied to 16 Great ancient and modern Mythologies. And it fits…more of the PANTHEON ETCHED SERIES to come!!! The Pantheon ETCH A SKETCH GRID DETAILS: ROW ONE: The Elemental Gods 1.King ZEUS (Sky, Heavens, Life & Light). 2. King HADES (Underworld, Hell, Death & Darkness) 3. Triple Goddess: Goddess GAIA (Crone of Creation & The Earth), Queen RHEA (Mother of Olympus),Princess HESTIA (Maiden of the Hearth’s Fire) 4. King POSEIDON (Water & Thunder) ROW TWO:The Servant Gods 5.Servant HERMES (Travel & Messages)6. Tradesmen HEPHAESTUS (Tools, fire & the forge)7. Prince APOLLO(Sun, Music,Philosophy, & Prophecy), sister/mother DEMETER(Harvest & Life),daughter/consort PERSEPHONE (Winter & Death)8.Queen wife HERA (Sky, Immortality, & Marriage) ROW THREE:The Gods of Humanity 9.Princess ARTEMIS(The Hunter’s Moon & Unity of Beasts) 10. APHRODITE(Vessel of Love & Peace) 11. ARES(Machine of War & Hate) 12. ATHENA (Book of Strategy & Wisdom) ROW FOUR:The Next Generations… 13. HERACLES(Clone or Heir to Throne) 14.DIONYSUS VS. PAN (Step-Children) 15.THE NEW GOD (New Ideas) 16. MYTH TITLE & GODLY MASCOT. Etch