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Buying your first home or moving to a new home is always a very exciting time although there’s nothing worse to learn that the house of your dreams has suffered from subsidence which could make insuring it very difficult. Fortunately there are online brokers who provide fantastic policies for properties that have been underpinned due to subsidence at extremely affordable prices. Subsidence is caused if buildings are on top of old mine works, near rivers or tree roots have infiltrated into the foundations making cracks appear in walls, windows and doors difficult to close and sometimes heave damage too.

How online brokers can help

Online insurance brokers offer value for money underpinned property insurance to their clients with cover including:-

  • 24 hour claims line
  • Counselling support from experienced advisers
  • Contact numbers for tradesmen
  • Discounts if you have alarms and security locks in your home
  • Discounts if you take buildings and contents cover out together
  • No claims bonuses

Brokers have a huge database of some of the UK’s best insurance companies to call upon to find you the right underpinned property insurance for your particular requirements, so don’t despair, there’s an answer just right for you.

Ask for a quote

The first thing to do when buying a home that has been underpinned is to ask for a quote from a reputable online broker. They will make sure your insurance policy covers any eventuality that might happen due to subsidence and at a price within your budget. A qualified underwriter will calculate any risks involved regarding your home and offer you a tailor-made quotation to protect your home and its contents from further subsidence damage. Make that call soon or alternatively fill in the online form with the requested details, an expert will get in touch with you by return as soon as possible to start the insurance process.

Residential and commercial property

Whether you wish to buy underpinned property insurance for residential or commercial property reliable online brokers are more than happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote. Anything to do with subsidence is a very specialised area and insurance brokers are well aware of the problems subsidence can bring to property owners so advise their clients on the best way forward. Their claims systems are quick and easy to follow should you need to make a claim for any damage to the building or its contents.