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Comments Off on DC Universe Online – Doomsday v Superman HD video game trailer – Remember you can embed, comment, rate and subscribe. DCUO offers a dramatic online setting where players can enter the DC Universe and battle alongside or against their favorite DC Comics heroes and villains including such icons as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker, as well as many other fan favorites such as […]

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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of SPIDER-MAN: SHATTERED DIMENSIONS for Xbox 360 (also available for PS3 Playstation 3) from Beenox, Marvel and Activision. Play as several different versions of Spider-Man (Amazing, Noir, 2099 and Ultimate universes) in Shattered Dimensions. This video game review features video game play footage and commentary […]

Comments Off on Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions – Exclusive Game Trailer Shattered Dimensions blends together four universes from the Marvel Comics multiverse, allowing the player to play as four different “Spider-Men”. You, as Spider-Man must traverse across 4 different universes – the Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate universes – in order to Save the Multiverse. Video Rating: 0 / 5 This is a video I […]

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame, an action-adventure videogame based on the popular animated TV series, will be available for Nintendo DS and Wii. In the game, fans play alongside Batman and many of his allies in the DC Universe to take on dozens of popular villains. Players can choose from iconic characters […]

Comments Off on Classic Game Room HD – MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC UNIVERSE review 2

Part 2 of 2. Watch in High Definition. Classic Game Room reviews MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC UNIVERSE for the Xbox 360 video game console, MK vs DC is also available for Sony Playstation 3 PS3. This Mortal Kombal vs DC Universe review features gameplay footage from the game in HD. This is an awesome fighting […]