Comments Off on Wi-Fi Battle #178 (Killer Nacho v BanditStarkiller) [Epic]

Hey everyone! Here’s a battle between BanditStarkiller from Youtube and I. Originally we were both supposed to record this, but his version didn’t save, so that’s rather sad. This was a really great match that unfortunately ended in a really not-great disconnect. Neither of us disconnected, it was a random Wi-Fi error. Further, this was like the… fifth time it happened to us. Our first four games also ended in disconnects. Talk about unlucky folks. But this one was still long, exciting, and we can determine a probable winner. Anyway, I have a four-day weekend from college this weekend and therefore will be home, so don’t expect any battles until Tuesday. Check out his Youtube page, he has some nice Wi-Fi battles (and he claims, more to come!): Anyway, leave a comment about which you like better: DC comics or Marvel comics? Rate, comment, subscribe, appreciate. 😉