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Words: Henry Gilbert, GamesRadar US

Comic-Con seemed bigger than ever this year, especially on the game front. Street Fighter x Tekken, a Green Lantern game, Ultimate universe in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and new Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters were the just some of the biggies, but don’t let them steal the entire spotlight. You probably overlooked some other news that’s bigger than you might imagine, especially if you’re a comic fan. Here are three important games revealed during Comic-Con that are worth your attention.

Long time DC fans will know and love this classic series, but for the unaware the Suicide Squad is about a group of super villains brought together by the US Government to work off their debt to society. They take on incredibly dangerous, even suicidal, missions, mostly stopping the nefarious plots of other super villains. This simply sweet premise led to several cult series and a rumored movie, and last weekend DC exec/comic writer Geoff Johns revealed a game was in the works.

Johns said very little about the game other than it was “hardcore violent.” This would completely fit the feel of a series where C-list villains working together wouldn’t care about murdering another bad guy to get the job done, unlike Batman and Spider-Man’s no killing policies. Hopefully this means the people at Warner Interactive are shooting for more Dark Knight than Batman Forever.

Image Comics’ sex symbol for more than a decade, Witchblade and her alter ego Sara Pezzini have long been a big force in comics, but are only now getting their own game. Announced by the book’s publisher during a panel at Comic-Con, the Witchblade game is being developed by Buzz Monkey, a company that worked on recent Tomb Raider and Ratchet games, which sounds like a good fit for a comic about a sexy brunette who shoots people.

The short story of Witchblade is that Sara holds a magical, sentient, ancient glove that grants flight, invulnerability, health regeneration, blade creation and wielding, and most importantly, slutty outfits.  All those abilities fit well with crime-fighting, and are pretty easy to imagine working in games too. Though the title has no publisher yet, this one also has a rumored film coming, so perhaps it will come out with said movie next year.

On the subject of Image and Witchblade, the other side of the coin for that franchise, the Darkness, already had a game and fans have been waiting years for any news on a sequel. While original developer Starbreeze has moved on the greener pastures, that doesn’t mean someone isn’t working on it. Earlier today the resume of someone from game dev Digital Extremes revealed that the company has been working on Darkness 2 for some time.

This makes complete sense when you take into account a couple things. First, Digital Extremes’ most recent work was with publisher 2K Games, who we assume still holds the Darkness game rights. Second, Digital Extremes has a background of FPS games, including helping with the multiplayer for BioShock 2 and Unreal Tournament, and we can only assume the Darkness sequel will be in the same genre as the first game. Though only just a rumor, this all adds up to “expect an official announcement soon.”

Jul 27, 2010