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By Tim Stevens

It should be noted before these therapy notes that the client was not attending therapy of his own free will. He was compelled to do so by what the writer was told was “several powerful psychics and a partially depleted Cosmic Cube.” As such, this session should be viewed as something akin to court-ordered therapy for a convicted felon. Therefore, the client’s responses should be viewed with some level of incredulity as they may be intended to impress, shock, or intimidate the writer. In this case, the writer does believe Thanos was being largely honest, but some professional skepticism is still advisable.

Thanos is a humanoid extraterrestrial who identifies as being “most comparable to Earth’s males” when responding to questions regarding gender. He reports being from the planet Saturn’s moon Titan, a claim confirmed by independent sources. This may account for some of the physical differences noted between Thanos and Earth humans, including unusual density, a purple-grey skin tone, and a skin texture that appears to be somewhat rocklike in composition.

The client presents as angry nearly to the point of rage for the most part. There were moments, however, that appeared to reveal deep sadness and an almost desperate longing. This was particularly evident regarding his recent resurrection and his connection to a lover whom he calls Death, which will be discussed in further detail later in these notes. Throughout the session, the client repeatedly made it clear that he had no respect for the writer or those that were forcing him to attend therapy, and planned to kill all of us, and everyone else, at his earliest possible convenience. This did not seem to be merely an attempt to frighten everyone, but rather a deep-seated long held desire; although the writer and the Guardians of the Galaxy were the current focus of this threat, Thanos would very much to eliminate all life and has wanted to do so, on and off, for some time.

This returns us to the matter of “Death.” According to the client-and again, confirmed by independent sources-this is not a nickname, but rather refers to the cosmic embodiment of mortality, a being that Thanos has loved for quite some time. This has fueled several past quests the client has pursued, including the assembling and wielding of the Infinity Gauntlet. In general, Thanos has seemingly always fallen short of earning his “lady’s” affections, a situation that has caused him much grief. Recently, however, the client was slain during what has been referred to as the Annihilation War and reports finally being able to stand by her side as her consort.

In being returned to life, the state of bliss has once again been ripped from the client, a result that he reports being unable to see any benefit from. The only reason he has not yet rebelled against the power of the Cube and the Guardians’ psychics is they share a mutual desire to stop the invasion of the “Cancerverse,” although Thanos reports his goal is based entirely on the fear that failure to do so will result in his inability to return to his lover and/or kill all life.

Despite the client’s fixation on death (or Death), this writer does not believe him to be a suicide risk. His rage is turned outwards towards others and it is seemingly driving him to continue to live to accomplish his goals. It is, oddly enough, as though the idea of killing himself is not something that even has occurred to him.

He is, however, a fairly clear homicidal threat. Given his powerful nature and desire to kill, it is the estimation of this writer that all must be done to avert this cosmic disaster without the use of the client as it seems like he could make things far worse, if so inclined.

While it seems wildly unlikely that Thanos will return for therapy or that, if he does so, he will get anything out of it, the Guardians insisted on setting up two appointments for him with Doctors Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Miguel Angel Sepulveda on August 11 and September 9. Please review files THE THANOS IMPERATIVE #3 and THE THANOS IMPERATIVE #4 for details.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Practicum Trainee at a Federal Correctional Institute and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant.