Planet Hulk Prologue 2 (By Kayjay Comics)

Posted: 6th November 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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After the Hulk’s rampage in Las Vegas a group of influential super heroes gather to discuss the fate of the Green Goliath.Plus special bonus clips done in retro fashion.

CLICK the WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY link. Thanks. *SOME STRONG LANGUAGE* The son of Odin must leave the world of Asgard and come to Earth to learn humility and shed his boastful ways. The thunder God will not remember this journey and will be reborn through Dr. Blake; a crippled Doctor who will find Thor’s hammer and the ability to summon him. He will be joined by other great heroes under the administrator of SHIELD: Nick. MF Fury. Video TidBits: Thor was originally going to fight Juggernaut and the Rhino. The music playing after “Hammer Time” is called ‘Kingdom Come’ from the Jay Z album of the same name. The song samples ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James which is also used by MC HAMMER in ‘You cant touch this’. The wasp was going to be in the end, but as TinkerBell.