Marvel Couples(Love story)

Posted: 26th November 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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ok first off, u guys mite not like the song very much but i jus luved the chorus and i like the song so i put it up..hopefully u will like it…jus a slideshow of some of the marvel couples…some present and some past..havent REALLY followed the comics for a long time but still couples that looked good to me at some point… Xmen couples rogue gambit wolverine storm dark phoenix polaris havok cyclops emma frost kitty pryde colossus elektra daredevil spiderman akon losing it rock city psylocke angel logan romy remy anna marie ororo monroe warren worthington betsy braddok matt murdock felicia peter parker shadowcat peter archangel white queen scott summers

Another comic book parody. Several Marvel Villains gather to discuss their greatest obstacle: fashion.
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