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Comic Book Review! Classic Game Room Comics Review reviews GI JOE issue #1 from Marvel comics! GI JOE is the greatest American Hero ever! Even though they are fictional, they’re still the greatest. This first issue of the amazing GI JOE comic book series is a hefty collector’s item today. CGR Comics reviews a first printing, first edition of the June 1982 comic book from Marvel Comics. We’re introduced to many of the famous characters from the comic books and tv cartoon show like Snake Eyes, Hawk, Scarlett, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Rock n’ Roll, Breaker and Stalker. Did you play with GI JOE action figures in the 1980’s? Did you watch the cartoon show on television? Well then you NEED GIJOE issue #1. This is available now as a reprint and can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Yo Joe! The Joes have appeared in numerous comics, tv shows, anime, animated films and video games over the years. Classic Game Room HD reviewed the GI JOE video game for the Atari 2600 and we’re reviewing the Joe games for NES soon. If there is a GI Joe movie who will be the lead character that they focus on? A GI JOE movie would be amazing and hopefully feature HISS Tanks! Fighting for freedom over land and air, when you read this comic GI JOE is there!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I know not too many people care for either Ms.Marvel or Moonstone but I was able to put together a nice little story using the Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers and Ms.Marvel comics, plus they are both major players in the Dark Reign story arch. So here’s to 2 of Marvel comics more under appreciated females, The Awesome Ms.Marvel and the Volatile Moonstone. Enjoy.