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Stan Lee presents the humor event of election 2008 with his new book, Election Daze, Lee, well-known as the co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men, takes aim at the presidential campaign in a humorous look at election year politics. The book’s subtitle is;What Are They Really Saying?; and readers will find out when they read Stan Lee’s hilarious words and captions to go along with ninety photos of current political figures. Stan Lee’s light-hearted but deceptively satirical sense of humor will appeal to readers of all political persuasions. Election Daze features images by award-winning Capitol Hill photographer Lauren Victoria Burke and focuses on modern political stalwarts such as Hillary Clinton, President Bush, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, and many more as well as political celebrities such as Stephen Colbert, George Clooney, and Michael Moore. Election Daze will be an American keepsake for the 2008 election year as well as a pop culture collectible for readers interested in the issues and personalities that define our times. Stan Lee is an American icon, an acclaimed writer and editor best known as a modern myth-maker though the superheroes he has created such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four. He led the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small publishing company to a large multi-media corporation by infusing his exciting characters with modern flaws and sensibilities. More recently Stan Lee has formed a company called POW! (Purveyors of
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