Antâ??Man & Wasp: Tiny Teamâ??Up

Posted: 6th September 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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By TJ Dietsch

The two smallest heroes in the Marvel Universe will square off and team-up in the ANT-MAN & WASP limited series launching in November. Written and drawn by Tim Seeley, the story will follow the interaction between the current Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady, and Hank Pym, the original who’s been going by the code name Wasp since Janet Van Dyne’s death.

“Eric needs a few updates to his costume, so he’s heading to the Infinite Mansion when he finds out a bit of info that he thinks might help him endear himself to Hank Pym, a guy he knows doesn’t like him,” Seeley explains.

But considering Hank’s history with people stealing his former identities, the encounter takes place under less than ideal circumstances.

“Hank is probably starting to notice a pattern, considering [the second Ant-Man] Scott Lang also stole his suit,” Seeley notes. “For Hank, he only knows Eric by reputation, and he’s tolerant of him because Steve [Rogers] and Tony [Stark] vouch for him. But he’s annoyed that he wasn’t allowed to choose his own protégé, and that he’s stuck with this braggart.”

In fact it’s a hand-picked former successor of Pym’s that brings that pair together as Bill Foster, the one-time Goliath who died fighting Ragnarok during Civil War, plays a role in the shape-changing proceedings.

“Hank felt bad about Bill’s death, so he created something for [him], which is going to be fall in the wrong hands,” Seeley says.

Whose wrong hands might those be? Well, Seeley’s keeping a lid on the specifics, but expect some of the digits to be yellow-gloved.

“The main villains will be A.I.M., but they’ll be employing both new and old agents,” he teases.

To say that Seeley, a long-time Marvel fan, has been enjoying himself during this project, might be a bit of an understatement, but he’s working hard to create a story that will resonate for hardcore Avengers fans and new readers alike.

“I think a lot of writers probably say this, but I grew up on Marvel and have been reading about Hank since I first picked up an issue of WEST COAST AVENGERS,” shares Seeley. “So, the challenge is to write the characters as you grew up on, but also with as much of an eye toward the new as possible. I [need to] distill what I know and love about them, and hope both old and new readers get the characters. But I’m having a blast on it, and I’m totally indebted to [editors] Jordan [White] and Tom [Brevoort] for letting a guy known for writing a horror book take a crack at the Avengers. And I get to draw it too!”