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MY 100TH VIDEO!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! I WANT THIS TO HAVE 100 (OR MORE) COMMENTS!! SO PLEASE COMMENT 😀 So for my 100th video I decided to try something new. It was hard coming up with an idea of something I haven’t done before. I’ve done crossovers, AU videos, character videos, friendship videos, couple videos, etc… So you can imagine my wanting to do something different. After talking with a few youtube friends I decided to make a trailer. I’ve seen a lot of really amazing trailers here on youtube and I hope mine can measure up to some of them! This trailer tells a story of love and hurt, just as the show does. It is self-explanatory (I think) but just in case I will tell you the basics of the story being told. First of all, I chose the instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s hit song “Stairway to Heaven” because I wanted something classic and original for my first trailer. I hope you like it! The story is that Clark Kent and Lana Lang are happy together and are passionately in love with each other. Things are going smoothly when Clark bumps into Lois Lane at the Daily Planet and Lana meets Lex Luthor. Destiny steps in and Lana strays from Clark into the hands of Lex. Clark goes to see Lex only to discover him in a lip-lock with Lana. Feeling betrayed, Clark leaves Lana and finds comfort in his new friend, Lois. As Lois helps Clark get over what happened, Clark falls in love with his new friend. However, Lana, regretting what she’s done and missing Clark, comes back