DCUO – Smallville Physics Fight

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The Ladies of Leet was fortunate to receive an invitation to Austin, TX and become a freshman in the first ever DC University on Nov 2nd, 2010. In this lesson we join (Professors) Wes Yanagi & Chris Cao as they walk us through the real physics in one of the Alerts (Smallville) in the new MMO coming out early next year DC Universe Online. A special thanks goes out to the entire DCUO team for such a great event! Disclosure: I attended a DC Universe Online event hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment paid for my flight, hotel and meals in connection with the event.
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Since New Line Cinema’s acquisition of the franchise, several Friday the 13th comic books have been published by Topps Comics, Avatar Press, and DC Comics imprint Wildstorm. The first comic book release for the franchise was the 1993 Topps Comics adaptation of Jason Goes to Hell, which was written by Andy Mangels. The three-issue series was a condensed version of the film, with a few added scenes that were not originally part of Jason Goes to Hell. Topps Comics published another series in 1995, with Nancy A. Collins writing a 3 issue, non-canonical miniseries involving a crossover between Jason and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface. The story involves Jason stowing away aboard a train and eventually meeting Leatherface. The two initially become friends, with Leatherface adopting Jason into the formers family. After a series of misunderstandings, Jason and Leatherface turn on each other. Ash, Evil Dead, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees, Nightmare on Elm Street. Simon Bisley, Jeff Butler, Cynthia Martin, Bobby Rubio, John Cleary, Mike Wolfer, Sebastian Fiumara, Ryan Sook, Adam Archer, Jason Craig and Peter Guzman. Audio – Alice Cooper Video – Topps, Avatar & Wildstorm Comics
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