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Has the same plusses and minuses as Venom, but looks rather bland in comparison. Mildly Recommended, if you lack Venom, Neutral otherwise! MISC INFO: What I say in the video is the absolute truth – if I’d spotted Venom first, I wouldn’t have bothered with this repaint. And since my enthusiam for the line been […]

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Captain America gets his own mech! Part V – The first wave of Marvel Heroes could not dislodge Thanos. Now the villains of the Marvel Universe take a stab at Thanos, hoping perhaps that they will be the rightful owner of the infinity gems. Do they have enough power to pull it off? In this […]

The very first Transformers commercial

Posted: 7th September 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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This is the very first Transformers commercial ever aired in 1984. Marvel Comic Book Creator By Planetwide Media Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator allows you to create your own personalized comic books featuring MARVEL Characters. Drag and Drop Marvel characters, backgrounds, props, and action words into comic book templates, combine with clip art, text ballons, […]