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Captain America gets his own mech!

Part V – The first wave of Marvel Heroes could not dislodge Thanos. Now the villains of the Marvel Universe take a stab at Thanos, hoping perhaps that they will be the rightful owner of the infinity gems. Do they have enough power to pull it off? In this video Shuma Gorath, Blackheart, Magneto, Juggernaut and Dr. Doom seek to take the infinity gauntlet form Thanos. Credits: Blackheart by [Hayte] (ver ?), Shuma Gorath by Qkrtkf! (ver 7/9/01), Magneto(xvsf) by Nobuyuki (ver 5/4/05), Juggy by Splode (ver 7/23/01), Dr. Doom by Juan Carlos (ver ?), Thanos of Titan by Clown Prince of Crime & Splode (ver 4/14/01)