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WARNING! ANY COMMENT CONTAINING DIRECT PROFANITY WILL BE DELETED, BLOCKED & REMOVED! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! No plot this time. It’s the “Best Of” video! YAY! For those of you who are new to this series and are confused by the video, this video is basically where I choose some of the favorite clips from the entire KH Ultimate Team-Up series compiled into one video. If it doesn’t make sense, you most likely haven’t seen the other videos before this one and I strongly recommend watching them to get some of the jokes. Anyway, there was so much material to go through and I couldn’t possibly fit it all under the ten minute limit. If you don’t see your favorite scene in this video, I’m deeply and truly sorry. D: Anyway, you’ve probably had questions that you’ve never asked, right? If I haven’t answered a specific question of yours below, then PM me and I’ll add your question below. 1.) What’s with the name? -Have you ever read Marvel comics? Have you seen their compilations called “Marvel Ultimate Team-Ups?” That’s where the name came from. I liked it because it didn’t have the words “Funny”, “Hilarious”, “Random”, “YouTube Poop”, “Crazy”, “Parody” or “Stupid” in the title. The name piques your interest, right? Or else you wouldn’t have bothered to watch it. 2.) Why did you start this series in the first place? -I was watching “EnoRed’s” Batman parodies and decided, why not? The music videos weren’t really that popular, so I decided to try my luck with parodies. I also liked the
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