Israel and Marvel Comics

Posted: 21st August 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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A report on how Marvel Comic Books portray the State of Israel through various characters.
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This is the complete run of the original cartoon commercial animations used for the GIJoe Marvel comic run. I haven’t found these on youtube yet and I have always wanted to give back for all that I have taken. Here it is! Someone else recorded the video so I couldn’t do anything there. A few episodes are incomplete but I included what was available. I know many people have been looking for these. It is because of the initial cartoon commercials for the comics which created the demand for the daily series which was good but not as good as it could had been if it was produced along the same principles as these 30 second commercials. I fell in love with GIJoe with the help of these commercials. They were brilliant and still are after 25 years! After waiting 25 years, I wish the new live action movie would live up to the exciting standards set by this groundbreaking series! Instead, the new GIJoe “Rise of Cobra” seems to be rewriting things as they go along. So much for progress. What I have on youtube is what I feel is GIJoe. I hope everyone will agree! YO JOE!!!!