Hero Worship: Conan

Posted: 25th October 2010 by admin in Marvel Comics
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Conan, the Barbarian, is a character usually associated with fantasy fiction. Created by a Texan pulp writer named Robert Howard in 1932, he first appeared in a copy of Weird Tales. His first comic-book adventure was launched by Marvel Comics in 1970 and continuing almost non-stop until 2003, when Dark Horse Comics opened a Conan series. Hollywood joined the Conan craze in 1982 with a movie series featuring the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. A hugely popular character, Conan has also been in at least three TV series, a couple of viseo games, and a number of mass market SciFi fantasy books. Our British friend, Vegetassexy (Danielle), requested this Conan tribute.

In this installment of the Marvel/DC parody series, we meet a few more heroes and get to find out a bit about Lance, the Bartender.
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