Drawing Wolverine

Posted: 1st May 2011 by admin in Marvel Comics
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Artist, Francis Manapul, shows how he draws Wolverine using the INK & WASH method. Francis did this quick sketch inside his hardcover sketchbook. He’s drawn several titles for DC Comics such as Superman/Batman, Legion of Superheroes & The Flash. Tools used: 1) 2 small paint brushes 2) water 3) ink Francis begins using a basic outline shape of the body by loosely sketching. Then he wets the brush & dips it in ink. Before applying the brush to paper, he tests dabs it on scratch paper to rub some ink off. Using the Ink & Wash technique allows the artist to use different levels of opacity. This technique was developed by the Chinese hundreds of years ago. It’s amazing to see it being used in modern day comics today. Visit Francis Manapul: www.francismanapul.com If you wanna win one of the 4 Sakura products I’m giving away, Please do the following: 1) Subscribe to Cartoon Block 2) Subscribe to Sakura’s channel www.youtube.com 3) In the comments, tell me what superhero can beat Wolverine. Deadline is August 16, 2010. Music by: www.youtube.com Follow Me On: Facebook tinyurl.com Twitter twitter.com
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