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With this video I start the list of all the MARVEL Comics characters, in alphabetical order!!! The characters are: 3-D Man, 8-Ball, Aardwolf, Abominable Snowman, Abomination, Abominatrix, Abraxas, Absalom, Absorbing Man, Abyss (alien), Abyss, Achebe, Achelous, Achilles, Acrobat, Adam X, Adaptoid (various versions), Administrator, Adonis, Adrenazon, Adversary, Advisor, Aegis, Aegis (Lady Of All Sorrows), Aero, Afari Jamal, Aftershock, Agamemnon, Agamotto, Aged Genghis, Agent, Agent Axis, Agent Cheesecake, Agent X!!! The song is “Somewhere Far Beyond” by Blind Guardian. ENJOY IT!!! The PART 2 is out now!!! No copyright infringement is intended: all the characters are owned by respective owners; the song is owned by respective owners.
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