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well here it is the final installment and season finale of “A MOMENT WITH KANG” just who is the villain sick enough to bring sabertooth back to life? can our hero’s stop him…or her? will kang hook up with jill valentine? will dead pool pronounce LOTHAR’S name the right way? was it worth the wait for part 3? and why the hell does youtube allow only up to 10 minutes for video time? starring oscar alonso as kang,littleryan,albert wesker,sabertooth,wolverine,william berkin,lothar,and random zombies. nate from deadpool and firends as deadpool and cable and britt of xxbrasschicaxx as jill vanentine and ingrid hannicam(forgot her last name) deadpool,cable,sabertooth,wolverine, owned by marvel comics jill valentine,leon kennedy,ingrid,chris redfeild,william berkin,tyrant,albert wesker owned by capcom ***note**** had to split movie in 2 parts file was to big for transfer! see video response for part B
Video Rating: 4 / 5