justice league: crisis on two earths pt 6

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WOW OVER 2000 views on this not surprised it’s a great Batmobile. Keep on watching. 2 for 1 boys n girls Kenner’s iconic Dark Knight Collection celebrates 20 years and I thought I should commemorate the occasion with some reviews of my collection. Starting with the awesome Batmobile. History Lesson: DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures had a hit on their hands and pretty much every license was bought by varying companies Shocker came with the Action Figure license. Instead of Kenner the boys toys giant of the 70’s-80’s with Star Wars and Super Powers went to fledgling Toy Biz the company obviously confused on how to proceed with a major license produced toys in low quality plastics and the molds were nothing more than Super Powers toys retooled with switches and levers to activate the action features. Although the Batman line was hugely popular line, DC Comics noticing the lack of detail and shoddy craftsmanship took away the license from Toy Biz. Batman was a huge box office success in 1989 and DC felt better care of their characters was deserved. Kenner won the license with a sharp presentation and the rest is history. To those who say this car is too small and therefore is not completely movie accurate clearly has not seen these pics (see link below) since there are no shots in the actual film of Keaton in full view standing outside the car I searched the wide web to find some stills. www.moviepicturedb.com These stills courtesy of moviepicturesdb.com has more pics than
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